Ground school: Class 2

Tonights class was more aerodynamics. There was a lot of review for the first hour since there were a couple new people. We talked about coordinated flight (use of rudders and ailerons together to keep the plane from yawing during turns). Stalls and slips were discussed as well; it’s all related.

One of the last things we learned about was pilot-induced oscillation (PIO) on landing. This happened not too long ago in a club plane with a licensed club pilot. The pilot landing on the nose wheel first, then bounced on the main gear, then up in the air, then again on the nose gear, then main gear, and again before the prop hit the ground and lots of damage was done. It caused about $30,000 in damage to the plane. It’s apparently “inexcusable” to land like that. Always, always keep the nose up and land on the main gear first.