Ground school: Class 14 (final)

I got behind on blogging my ground school classes. I’ll go back and fill in the blanks for classes 11, 12, and 13, but tonight was the 14th and final class.

We started with about an hour of Q&A and review and then took a 67-question test on all material from the course. The questions came from the FAA’s database of 600+ questions that make up the FAA knowledge tests. The FAA knowledge test is only 60 questions; John threw in 7 more just for fun.

Those that passed this test with a 75% or better received a certificate stating that (s)he was competent to take the FAA knowledge test. Having studied the test prep book with all of the FAA questions over the last weeks, and understanding most of the material, I felt prepared.

I was surprised when I was the first person to finish the test. I’ve always been one to go slow and check over answers two or three times and rarely finished first, but often next to last. The test was graded on the spot and I got a 97%. One of the two I missed was one of those tricky questions, where two of the answers were “correct”, but one of them was “more correct”. I suspected I may have missed that one. The other one was the last one and I just couldn’t remember it. I had to guess. It had to do with which advisory circular subject number is used for airmen (or something like that). Err… who cares? 🙂

Ground school is over; an excellent class! Worth every penny and every hour. Next step: the official FAA knowledge test.