Acupuncture… why not?

Someone at the club mentioned that his wife had major motion sickness problems when she first started flying and had tried everything with no luck. She then tried acupuncture and it actually worked. Sounds questionable to me, but I did a little research and there’s some science behind it, so I figured I’d pitch the idea to Aimee and see what she thought. To my surprise, she decided to give it a shot, so yesterday was the big day.

I scheduled a short flight to Asheboro and back to test it. We hopped in the plane, fully prepared to ditch the entire flight if she started feeling sick before getting off the ground as she had before. However, we made it in the air with no problems. We flew over the Asheboro Zoo, which was pretty cool, and Aimee managed to take a few pictures.

We landed at Asheboro, but didn’t have enough time to stop for a break, so I just did a touch and go. At that point, Aimee started feeling “no so well”. It go progressively worse as we headed back, but we managed to make it back without major incident.

She wasn’t too crazy about the acupuncture experience, so we decided to skip trying more appointments, but it appeared to have some value since she did make it half an hour with no other remedy. I guess we keep searching…

Asheboro Zoo Asheboro Zoo Asheboro Zoo