Instrument Ground School – Class 7 of 10

We covered weather theory in such detail last week that we didn’t get to all of it. After going over last week’s quiz (I did fine) we finished last week’s material. The rest of the night was about aviation weather services. There are a ton of online weather resources for pilots to use for flight planning, and the FAA expects us to know how to use them and to actually use them before every flight.

After class a couple of us helped load the old engine from 40B (my checkride plane and engine) into our mechanic’s pickup truck. The new engine is in and the plane is flying again. The club has apparently had that 1979 airplane since it was new (or almost new) and it has had, I believe, eight new engines (the engines have to be replaced at around 2,000 hours of use). So, it may not be much to look at, but under the cowling it’s as good as new.