Joseph Again

Aimee still wasn’t ready to fly, so Joseph and I went up again. This time visibility was better, though not as nice as it will be after summer is gone. We flew down to Harnett County for a touch and go, over to Siler City for a touch and go, and then back to Sanford. I let Joseph fly a little; he helped keep the plane straight and level, but he was hesitant to do any turning.

By the time we were done at Siler City, he seemed bored. He said he was ready to go play with his friends. Ok. Maybe he’s too young to appreciate the moment as much as I did. In a way, though, that was a good thing. He was able to relax enough and felt comfortable enough in the plane to be able to get bored.

Upon approaching Sanford, we crossed over the airport and turned around for runway 21. There was a lot of traffic in the pattern and I needed to pay attention to the radio and everyone’s whereabouts. I told Joseph no more talking until we’re on the ground.

Shortly before entering downwind…

Joseph: “Dad, what are steroids?”
Me (thinking): What?! First of all, why is he talking after I told him not to (I can figure that one out), and secondly, where in the world did that question come from at a time like this?
Me (talking): “Uh. Joseph, no talking.”

Shortly after entering downwind…

Joseph: “Oooo, look at that! Are those cows down there?”
Me: “No talking.”
Joseph: “Oh, right. Sorry.”

An excellent test of the distraction factor in piloting a plane with non-pilot passengers, and another indication of his comfort level in the plane.

I enjoyed the 1.4 hour flight, and even though he was ready to go home, he did too.