First Flight with Aimee

Aimee finally got into a plane with me today. I’d been waiting for this for a long time. I spent some solo time a few days ago working on landings so I wouldn’t be so rusty.

I knew she was nervous. She was nervous about being afraid of heights and crashing and stuff like that, I was nervous about her getting motion sickness like she does so easily in a car and on a boat. I had originally planed a trip to another airport, but I figured it would be best to see how she handles it before wandering too far from home.

As we taxied out, I could see the anxiety building. She said next to nothing during our three laps around the pattern and short diversion to the west for some sight seeing. My first landing, by the way, was a greaser (like the first one with Joseph). The other two were good enough.

Visibility wasn’t that great, so I didn’t mind cutting it short. We taxied back and she got out to sit on solid ground and recover. It wasn’t until later that she told me she wasn’t afraid like she thought she’d be; she felt safe. However, the motion sickness kicked in as soon as the engine started. A painful headache followed by mild nausea (soon to be not so mild if we hadn’t stopped).

Oh well. Exactly what I feared. We’ll have to try some ginger pills (or something) next time, but it may be a while before she wants to go through that again. At least I can say she’s flown with me.