Cessna 172 Skyhawk Checkout Part 2 (canceled)

I knew the forecast winds were pushing it for part two of my 172 checkout, but I figured even if I couldn’t finish what I needed, it would be a good time to practice some crosswind landings with an instructor. However, while I was doing a preflight, I was getting blown around pretty harshly. I finished the preflight anyway, but when I made it in the winds had picked up more than forecast and it was just too much to even leave the ground. Another flight scrubbed due to winds. I rescheduled for Friday.

I recall about this time last year when I had to cancel twelve solo flights in a row due to wind. I don’t even have club minimums to hold me back and I’m still having to cancel flights on otherwise perfect days. ‘Tis the nature of this time of year, I guess.